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Meet the Board of Directors


I decided to start Jollycations at 29 years old, right after my 11 year milestone being in remission from Synovial Sarcoma. Being diagnosed at 17, every time I go to my cancer check-ups I still see my pediatric oncology team. I walk the halls of the pediatric cancer ward and see families in the same place I was. It makes me want to give back. I want to help put a smile on the faces of the children and the families I interact with. I want to take the stress of the hectic and terrifying life that the family is currently living if even just for a week.

Jake Jollymore, President

Executive Director. 


Christina Jollymore, VP 


Development Director.


As a team, Jake and myself chose to create Jollycations to raise awareness not only for childhood cancer but also the effects it has on the families that support these patients during their hardest time. I met Jake right before his 5 year remission milestone. At that milestone appointment, Jake introduced me to his entire team of doctors who were kind enough to explain everything Jake had gone through both in the technical terms and the personal aspects that they observed. I have accompanied Jake to every follow up visit since. This cause means a lot to me because as an outsider to Jakes journey, learning about these diagnoses and the effects it has on both the patient and their families physically and mentally has changed my perspective of what strength really is. It’s heartbreaking to know these children suffer and endure the worst, but also how the families are affected. My goal is to comfort and alleviate the stress and she believes that a well deserved respite week is a great opportunity for that. Even if just for a moment, these families can feel like a family again unaffected by this disgusting disease.

I have been part of Jollycations since its inception. I served 9 years in the United States Coast Guard and am now a veteran with a background in IT. Outside of work, I pursue my passions for snowboarding and disc golf. There's nothing quite like spending serene evenings around a campfire with cherished friends amidst the mountains. My connection with Jollycations runs deep, as I grew up as childhood friends with one of our founder/CEOs. Witnessing firsthand the profound effect a non-profit organization can have on a child's mindset when facing the daunting challenges of childhood cancer, I was inspired to join the Jollycations family. I yearned for the opportunity to contribute and help create similar life-changing experiences for those in need.

Trevor Bourque, Chairman

IT Director


Alex Bonneau, Chairman

Compliance Director

I’ve known Jake since grade school, and helped my friend in any way needed as he fought this disease in high school.  It takes a village and watching Jake walking with us at graduation was a great sense of accomplishment by all. I have also been privileged to be a part of Jollycations since its beginning, grateful to be on this board as I believe it is on a wonderful and important mission to lend support and kindness to those in need at a critical time in their life.  I attended and worked for an overnight camp for 13 summers where I understood and appreciated the importance of family, friends, and a strong support system.  These valuable lessons helped me personally as I have had to deal with cancer situations in my personal life with my mother, grandmother and cousins.  In my spare time I am a definite adrenaline junkie, anything outdoors, and especially when it has a motor on it! Watching Jake's family grow has been one of the most gratifying and heartwarming experiences. I am thankful for the friendship I have and the importance behind this organization.

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