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The anniversary of my tumor removal

10 years ago today I had the surgery to remove the tumor from my arm. My only regret: not asking them if they could record the surgery BEFORE I actually had the surgery. I asked after and they said yes. Removing the tumor wasn't as easy as cutting an invasive bump out. It was stubborn and unforgiving. With it, I lost muscle and bone from my right side and it left me a pretty gnarly scar that goes half way down my side.

10 years is a long time to pass. I’ve toyed around with ideas on how to help kids in the situation I was in for most of that ten years. Jollycations is a direct result of all of that thought.

This is going to be the start of sharing my story. I think it's important to share because talking about it seems taboo to some. I hope that sharing this story will help at least one person understand. I hope at least one person knows they aren't alone. I've been there and now I want to be there for others who are just beginning their journey. And trust me, it's a journey.

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